High-speed, high-precession and high-quality moulds are used to ensure zero compromise on quality.

From the factory to pharmacies and operating rooms - our products are manufactured to maintain drug efficacy and ensure its longevity. Designed for development speed and quick market availability, they adhere to the highest international quality standards to meet every pharmaceutical need.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities comply with the highest international quality standards for pharmaceutical needs. These ultra-modern production lines are built on rock solid GMP guidelines with highly stable and validated processes.

Our Euro Head caps are closures for Plastic Infusion bottles made from Blow-Fill-Seal Technology and Stretch Blow Moulding with Wash-Fill-Seal Technology.

The large size, 72 cavity Moulds with Hot Runner Technology, tailor-made Injection Moulding Machine and Ultra Idle Speed fully automated Assembly Machines ensure that products are manufactured without human interference.

Innovation Excellence

We look at our processes as solutions to packaging challenges. That is why every day, we are accelerating innovations in the areas that make a difference to care providers. Our specialist facilities are in the able hands of a highly trained team that has a strong heritage in design, science and manufacturing and are constantly innovating to meet the changing requirements of our customers.

World-Class Clean Rooms

Our caps are used for injectables, and hence, utmost care and precaution is taken during the entire manufacturing process to deliver more functionality and high-design quality. These caps are automatically injection moulded and assembled in class 10,000 (class 7) facility.

Accelerated Production Capacity

With quality, reliability and productivity at its core, our facilities have the capacity and flexibility to manufacture at higher volumes, giving us an edge over other manufacturers to cater to a range of pharmaceutical sectors.

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