Our customer relationships are based on a high level of mutual trust and a shared vision of growth. That is why we fully understand our customers’ requirements and distinguish our products by continually expanding and improving our range of closures and design technologies.
Like our clients, we are also on a mission to deliver products that protect lives.


Head Office: 24 E-malik Farouk St., Toukh, Qaliobia.

Cairo Office: 1.7th Street, District 2/23, Al Obour City

Tel: 02 44791083

Fax: 02 44790687

Email: [email protected]


Estrada Barro vermelho, 1475
Sala 02, Barro vermelho,
CEP-94010-970, Gravatai,
RS, Brazil
CNIJ# 11.771.554/001-09

Phone: +55513422.0077 +55518177.6509

Mobile number: +555134220104

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