Securing The Medicines That Save Lives
When a life-saving formulation is developed, its secure delivery becomes critical. At Medicap, our mission is to play that life-saving role as a reliable supplier of pharmaceutical closures in India and around the world.
At Medicap, we don’t see our role just as a primary packaging partner to the Pharma and healthcare industries but as a critical player in the drug delivery chain. We are not just a supplier but a partner who understands the complex needs of your business.
Medicap, with 27+ years of collective experience and industry insights, is converting decades of pharmaceutical packaging research and investment into world-class closures, Blood Collection Tubes (BCT) and Water for Injection (WFI).
To become a
preferred business
associate for all
companies, mainly
Intravenous fluid
To Design,
Manufacture and
Distribute clinically
relevant, state-of-the-art
and best-in-class

Medicap Healthcare Limited is a young and dynamic company dedicated towards manufacturing of closures for pharmaceutical industry, particularly Euro Head caps.

Clean Room Facilities
Our caps are manufactured in an automated Class 10,000 (Class 7) ultra-modern facility adhering to extremely tight hygiene requirement.
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